Billy + Margot® is a range of high quality dog food, created with love, passion and expertise by renowned canine nutritionist, Marie Jones.

Why Feed Different Foods?

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Keeping Things Interesting

Varying the types of protein and food you give your dog you keep them from getting bored of the same old food. This allows you to get a sense of what your dog likes or dislikes and is especially good for those dogs who are fussy eaters!

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Enhances Overall Nutrition

Every protein has varying amino acid composition and every food stuffs offer different vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids and enzymes that are unique to its own particular buildup. Therefore, every type of food has its strengths and weaknesses and the best way to ensure a complete and balanced diet is to offer a variety of meals and food sources that helps to create a dynamic and full diet.

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Prevents Intolerances

When dogs are fed the same food for an extended period of time, often it may happen that they build up intolerances to certain ingredients. This manifests in the form of allergies, sensitivities and sometimes refusing to eat. By adding novel proteins and increasing variation in the diet, the likelihood of developing intolerances decreases significantly.

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