The Benefits of Fish for Dogs

by Ashleigh Smith

Did you know fish is a fabulous food to feed your dog? Not only do most dogs adore the taste of fish, but it is packed with health and nutrition benefits. Different fish have different levels of nutrients, with salmon being one of the best, with its high biological values and an almost perfect amino acid profile to support every single cell in your dog’s body.


Benefits of fish for your dog


  • Excellent source of protein – fish provides a single source and high-quality protein for your dog and is easy to digest. That means even dogs with digestive complaints can get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in fish and older dogs with slower digestive systems can extract all the benefits too.
  • Packed with Omega 3 – not only is fish an easy to digest source of protein, but it is rich in Omega 3. This is one of the good fats, an essential fatty acid, and it acts as an anti-inflammatory. This in turn helps with the condition of your dog’s skin and coat, improves joint mobility and is great for heart and brain function and behaviour.
  • Full of collagen – older dogs in particular need collagen but it helps all dogs’ flexibility. As much as 90% of a dog’s ligaments, muscles and tendons are made up of collagen and a depletion can lead to ligament damage and hip dysplasia. Fish skin in particular is collagen-rich.
  • The perfect puppy food – fish contains all the vitamins and minerals that a puppy needs for healthy development, as well as fibre and Omega 3.
  • Tastes amazing – lots of fish has a strong flavour and smell that dogs love. It’s so appetising and ideal to entice reluctant eaters.
  • Full of trace minerals – these help so many aspects of your dogs’ health, including teeth and gum and skin and coat health, and can also help combat liver and kidney disease and digestive problems.


Fish and Billy + Margot

Because fish is such a powerhouse of nutrition for your dogs, it is an essential part of the Billy + Margot range of dog food. You can find it in our Herring with Superfoods and Salmon with Superfoods wet dog food pouches, Salmon with Superfoods canned wet food, Salmon + Superfood  dry dog food blend as well as White Fish Skin Cube treats. Lovely fishy meals and treats for all dogs!